“Faces of Meth” Heather Raybon’s Plastic Surgery



After watching several documentaries, and looking at “The Faces of Meth” campaign, I came across this photo of Heather Raybon that stood out above the rest.

heather_raybon4The other photos were of meth addicts progression through their drug use.  Most of them looked quite old with major loss to their bone structure and teeth.  Heather Raybon’s however was quite harrowing, and the worst of the pictures.

I reflected back on one particular documentary that showed how dangerous it was to create meth.  The gentleman who demonstrated the “making” of the popular street drug, wore a hazmat suit, and took the proper precautions.  He repetitiously stated that the mixing of these compounds could cause explosions.  The very moment I saw Heather’s face, I figured it was not from the direct use of the drug, but from an explosion due to her involvement in manufacturing the meth.  My hypothesis was in fact correct, when after a bit of research I was able to find out her name and read more information on her.

To give a little background on Heather Raybon from the scarce facts I was able to glean from multiple articles found by googling her name, she is “an alleged” meth manufacturer who was severely deformed after an explosion that took place in 2004.

“Since then, Raybon has been arrested six times on meth charges and pleaded no contest each time.”-Inside Edition

Her latest arrest that I could find was of her manufacturing meth yet again in 2011.

I did not write this article to repeat facts that are prevalent in the massive pages of google, but to shed a little light on the photo array that I found and posted at the top of this article.  The progression of photos of meth users usually get worse as time goes by.  From Ms. Raybon’s initial burn pic in 2006 to the latest publicized arrest in 2011, it seems that Heather Rayborn’s face is in fact looking better.  heather_rayborn5

This image is the true source of our discussion in today’s post.  I had to do a lot of digging to answer the one question that was nagging me.  Did this woman have plastic surgery?  If she did, Jack Howser from the website ‘DISCLOSURE’ asks it best, “We’re just wondering if the tax payers are paying for the plastic surgery?”

To answer my initial question I turned to the Daily Mail, which stated,

“She has undergone numerous facial surgeries in the last seven years.”

So now to answer the last question. Just who is paying for the plastic surgery that this woman is getting?  heather_rayborn1Well, we turn to a press release by the Santa Rosa Police Department which referred to a newspaper article that I found on their  website. According to the article, Heather’s family set up donation stations in local businesses where people donated money to help with Heather’s medical costs and most likely, plastic surgery.  The surgeries were obviously paid by concerned citizens.  From the way the article is written, there is absolutely no mention of drugs of any sort, as a matter of fact it only mentions her surviving “the December 16, 2004 tragedy“. Another article that I was able to dig up by the Santa Rosa Press Gazette published January 2005, shows that Heather, 24 at the time, has a little girl.  heather_raybon7The family seems to mention the child in order to spark up even more sympathy.  This led me to a whole slew of other questions that I could not find on the internet.  Who were these people who donated?  How much was collected?  Were the people made aware that Heather was involved in the manufacture of meth?  Was the family aware of it?  Was it a purposeful omission on the part of the family or the newspaper to leave the details of the “tragedy” out?  If the donors really were duped, would they still have donated if they knew the truth?  Did the money go into a trust?  What were the intentions of the family members?  Did the family believe that Heather would change after this?  Did the donors feel the same?  How does the family and the donors feel now that Ms. Raybon has relapsed?  Has Heather used the money for surgery?  Did she at all use it for drugs?  Is she manufacturing again in order to continue getting the surgeries necessary to restore her face?  Just who is Heather Raybon, and what is her real story?

I tried to locate more information, but came up dry.  If anyone has anymore information please leave comment.  I would love to hear your opinions about the subject of foolish mistakes and the people who really pay for them.  Thank you for those who run the campaign for “The Faces of Meth” Faces of Meth Faces of meth 


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36 thoughts on ““Faces of Meth” Heather Raybon’s Plastic Surgery”

  1. I actually found your blog searching myself on info regarding her surgeries. I was thinking that it was wrong for tax money to go towards her recovery. I didn’t even know they solicited donations without mentioning the actual “tragedy”!!!

    1. When I saw the pictures, it led me to do more research. I am glad that you happened upon my article, and thank you for your comment. I see that I need to fix the background to make it easier to read.

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  3. Thanks for the article, was very hard to read with the contrast between the background and the text color though. Thanks for the info though I was quite concerned when I saw her photo as well.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I also came across the heather raybon photos and found myself trying to research her and find out her story. So tragic. Such a beautiful girl that paid paid such a high price, and never really learned the lessons by the looks of it.

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  8. Found this as I too was wondering if tax dollars went to help pay. I’m glad it wasn’t tax dollars but do feel like the donations were collected under false pretenses. A meth lab explosion isn’t an accident, it’s an outcome. And it is truly sad that she didn’t get clean and find gratitude for having a family who continued to support her. I hope that her daughter was safe with family and not along for the rest of the ride. Thank you for doing the research and sharing your findings.

  9. It’s rather a interesting plus very helpful item of facts. I am happy that you just discussed this useful details here. You need to stop us advised this way. Thanks for revealing.

  10. I’m a little bit offended at what your implication seemed to be. It seems like you thought the family was wrong to start the fund, or not mention how she was likely disfigured. I resent that. I have a loved one who became addicted to a very serious, very addictive drug. The loved one has been clean for several years, and is unlikely to relapse again at this point, but I remember what it was like when he was using. The feeling of watching someone amazing slowly fall apart, and not knowing what to do, not really being able to do anything, that is one of the worst feelings in the world. You have to watch while this incredible person disappears little by little and is replaced by the drug, but what really keeps you up at night is wondering whether they are even alive, or if this was the time they over-did it.
    Anyone can become an addicted to drugs. Most of us have taken pain killers, ADD meds, anti-anxiety pills, illegal drugs, or alcohol at some point in our lives. Some of us had a genetic predisposition, and became addiction to one of these, but most of us didn’t have that genetic fault, and had no problems. Yes, addicts do need to find the strength to get help, I agree. But make no mistake, addicts are suffering, and a lot. Their “stupid decisions” are usually because of the drug they just can’t seem to stop taking.

    Anyway, I guess I’m trying to say, don’t judge her. It sure isn’t okay to be doing what she’s doing, but you’ve never walked in her shoes. And don’t you blame her family for trying to get her a chance to come back to them. She would’ve been in the hospital after the explosion for a while, long enough to clean up, and I’m certain her family thought that would be enough to get her on the straight and narrow. Her personality probably reappeared, and I’m sure she swore off the drug, and hated it. She wanted to go back, and her family was so pleased to have her back, they wanted to help everything to be set right. What would it have mattered if she had been using drugs around the time of the explosion if she was never going to again? No point in embarrassing her in the article if she’s never going to use again. And I guess it didn’t work out that way, since she relapsed, but any family would do whatever they could to return their daughter to them. And just because she’s an addict doesn’t mean she deserves to be horribly disfigured no matter what for the rest of her life.

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  12. I think drugs addicts are discriminated by society and that further leads to fueling their addiction. Addiction is a disease that is very complex and does not have a simple cure, like any disease. It’s about healing a mind, body, and soul. Who knows what this poor girl’s story is but it is obviously a tragic one. So you don’t think it’s fair this girl got help because she is a drug addict? But if she had another disease like cancer, we would all feel more sorry for her? I am sorry but I find this kind of a waste of time. I understand addiction, I have worked to help those with addiction, as well as suffered with my own addiction. It is not fun, and yes it is a choice, a very tragic, devastating choice that will take everything from you, and the only thing you have left is that horrible drug that took everything away. I feel sorry for this girl, and I am glad she got help, I think she deserved it. She deserves more help than that too, I pray for her to one day be happy.

  13. Thank you for your research. I, too, have stumbled upon this pic and was horrified at the juxtaposition of her 2003 and 2006 photo. I really don’t know that much about meth, but hers didn’t look like the other photos I’ve seen. She looked as though her skin was melting off, and I was curious why the drug affected her in a way it did nobody else.

    You answered a lot of questions for me. Thanks for making this web page. It would seem there’s a lot of good people out there willing to help someone in need, and just as many people exploiting it for their own gain.

  14. This particular case is intriguing. I really want to know this girls story, because one thought I had when I read the recent article in 2011 about her cooking again, is that neither she, nor the two guys she was with, ever look like they are actually doing meth. It looks to me like they might be selling it more than abusing it. I wish I was a real reporter or a real reporter looked into this. Call up this woman’s family, ask questions, get answers!

  15. If I’ve learned anything in my 25 years on this earth is don’t believe everything you read
    . Faces of meth were compiled from many mugshots over many years of suspected method abusers. Meth is horrible, yes. But just like everything else there is a lot of anti meth propaganda made by bible belters who saw someone arrested several times, noticed they’ve been looking shittier, and picked out the worst of the worst and labeled them method abusers. Many may be, but just as likely many may not be. Let’s question everything and not believe everything we see. As you said there’s no facts. Felonies are made public and if this particular woman has been found guilty of any meth related crimes it would be public knowledge.

  16. It’s easy to judge and act all outraged. This poor girl is addicted to a terrible drug that is ruining her life. If you people lived in a country with decent healthcare not only would taxpayers pay for her surgeries, but they would also pay for drug rehab so she could get her life back on track. We live in a society and should support each other. People are more important than money.

  17. You act as though she deserved it. Your use of quotes around “tragedy” suggests you feel it wasn’t one. Disgusting. Nobody deserves to be disfigured in a fire. Addiction is a disease. Why didn’t her family mention the addiction in their ad? Because it doesn’t make it any less of a tragedy. It’s unfortunate that she relapsed, but from the way you wrote this, it sounds like you got some sort of sick satisfaction out of it.

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